Honoring Morgan State University's Sesquicentennial

Honoring Morgan State University's Sesquicentennial

As Morgan State University (MSU) celebrates its Sesquicentennial, at 150 years old, we pay tribute to MSU’s impact on our country. Many leaders hailed from MSU’s storied tradition, since its founding in 1872. For over 50 of those years, Dr. Mel Butler, a proud alum, former professor of MSU and CEO of the Maker 2 Markets (M2M) consulting group, has been a dynamic figure in the world of business.

An exhibit unveiled at Morgan State University recreates the lunch counter at Read’s Drug Store in Baltimore where black students held a series of sit-ins to demand desegregation. (Daniel de Vise/WASHINGTON POST)

Much of his work started from the Technology and Commercialization Center that originally started at the Booker T. Washington Foundation in DC before it was relocated to Baltimore in the 80s. His work has taken him across the country and even destinations around the globe.

Few people can claim so many successful years in the marketing profession and even fewer people can claim the development of successful brands like the Hummer and even Hot Pockets in their portfolios.

You’d have to be ready to research Dr. Butler’s success over the years on your own, because he is reluctant to talk about his work. Indeed few of his closest friends even know that as an MSU student he was a pioneer amongst HBCU students involved in the Civil Rights movement in the early


There happens to be an exhibit at Morgan State University that shows his sit-in protests at Read’s Diner in Baltimore.

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Like Dr. Butler’s trailblazing story, the stories of many successful giants from Morgan State University have yet to be told, which is why it’s important to be very emphatic in honoring Morgan State University’s Sesquicentennial.

Along with his passion for golf, Dr. Butler continues to utilize his enormous leadership in representing retail, food and beverage and sports and entertainment interests through his work at Maker 2 Markets (M2M).

Dr. Butler is a vital resource to the next generation of leaders with his up-coming radio segment on WOLB 1010 Baltimore and spearheading scholarship opportunities for Morgan State University Students.

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Photo Credit To Morgan State University (Sesquicentennial December Commencement Exercises)